So Good To Be Loved

My cousin Danny passed away this weekend. Danny was a great dude, beloved of most everyone, not least of all our amazing family. I currently live on the other side of the country, and couldn’t be home with them during this difficult time. The news I got was that he only had a few days. Danny is younger than me, and the news was crushing. The chorus came to me immediately.  I really wanted to give some comfort to my family if at all possible, and Danny more than anyone… so I finished the song and demoed it as fast as I could. This is my tribute. Danny, you always made our family what it is. Something we all loved growing up and appreciate more and more as we get older. Love you bro, rest in peace.



I grew up in Ansonia
a simple home
my friends would call me over
from a dial up telephone
I see everyone
Everyone I’ve ever loved
They come to me

Its so good to be loved

we were having a good time
watching cuties walkin by
party down at Nolan Field
sky was dark above the lights
you thought that girl was yours
til she looked at me
you said to me

its so good to be loved

many miles between us babe
time is getting thin
I see you come a runnin
To find the shape im in
I never ruled the world
I built a family
I hear a song I know
A certain melody

Its so good to be loved